Wednesday (tiger_tyger) wrote in magick_graphics,

02 03 04

"26 more"


*No hotlinking please
*If you take then please credit and comment on the entry in fluidic_icons
*How to credit
*Enjoy !

Please be aware...
Due to nasty selfish people stealing my icons and not crediting you now have to be a member of fluidic_icons to see them. I know its a pain in the neck but I hope people will be understanding about why I've done it and not slate me for being tacky. As long as you say where you got your icons or graphics where it can be seen in your info or userpics I'll add you, usually within 24 hours. I am more than happy to share with people who are willing to give credit where credit is due.

Someone on my friends list has just started up a new community. neo_shamanism I figured there might be a few people here who would be interested. It is a community that has been started up to provide a place for spiritualists, shamans, and neo-shamans all over LJ. So check it on out and join if you wanna! :)
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